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From the Director’s Desk

The chain of structural effects as one subluxated vertebra interacts with another, thereby influencing head position, shoulder tilt, hip sway, amongst other things may be


The Importance of Good Form

What Scoliois Can Teach Us about Postural Rehab  Manifestation of any health problem is not a spontaneous event; before the clinical onset, precluding factors exist.

Editor’s Memo

It’s our December issue…the grand finale of 2008 is finally upon us! What a great year it’s been! With our emphasis this month on Technique,

CLEAR Scoliosis: Case Study

CLEAR Scoliosis: Case Study by Dennis Woggon, DC, B.Sc.   THE PATIENT PRESENTED in 2008 with a 48 degree right thoracic Cobb angle. It was

Editor’s Memo

You find how to identify and resolve scoliosis much more effectively and thoroughly as well as many other extreme health challenges! On the cover is

CBD Clinic Leaderboard (01-23-2020)